An Unlikely but Interesting Scenario: UNC to SEC

A couple of weeks ago two different people whose work I admire told me they were hearing rumors of the SEC talking to UNC. They didn’t reveal their sources, so I can’t evaluate the merit of these rumors. However, like the Texas to the ACC rumor, I thought it was crazy. Today on Twitter (follow […]

How Much Does A&M Stand To Gain From SEC Move?

Aside from a chance to exit the shadow of the Longhorns, Texas A&M also stands to gain some revenue from its move to the SEC. For the 2009-2010 school year, A&M received $10.17 million from the Big 12. Included in that figure is $841,381 for bowl game expenses, so A&M’s actual Big 12 share was […]

How Conference Realignment Could Impact the BCS

The Big 12 has been in danger of extinction for more than a year, and now the Big East has been added to the Most Endangered list with strong rumors that Pitt and Syracuse are joining the ACC. Both are automatic-qualifying conferences, which means they get an automatic berth in a BCS bowl game (Orange […]

Conference Realignment Predictions

How conferences will realign is anyone’s guess. I’ve spoken with athletic department executives at a number of schools and they’ve asked me as many questions as I’ve asked them. No one has a clear idea of how things will shake out. What I do know is that my predictions from over a month ago were […]

Weekly Segment on Rivals Radio (9/1/11)

Every Thursday at 11:05am ET I join Chris Childers and Braden Gall on Rivals Radio (Sirius/XM College, Channel 91) to talk about the latest in conference realignment, violations, and any other interesting developments on the business side of college football. You can listen to this week’s segment here.

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