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What’s the Job Market Like for Law School Grads?

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I’ve been writing more lately about whether you should go to law school and how to choose a law school. You can see all the posts by going to the Law School tag.

Today I wanted to share a new American Bar Association database where you can search for employment data by school. If I were looking at going to law school, I’d definitely be checking this out. It gives very detailed information on how many grads from the 2012 are employed and whether they’re employed full-time or part-time, whether they’re employed in a job that requires a law degree and bar passage, what state they’re employed in, etc.

Law School Transparency has aggregated the data for all schools in this post.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to do this research. Do not look at stats for a school and tell yourself that you’re different or that you’ll be in the small minority who get into whatever job it is you want. This is a situation where I think you should look at worst case scenario and decide if you still want to go to law school given that worst case scenario. I usually encourage you to take risks on yourself, but when we’re talking potentially 6-figures in student loan debt, I have to urge caution.

I am not saying you shouldn’t go to law school. I am saying you should spend a considerable amount of time doing your research before you decide to go and choose a school.

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