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Saturday Millionaires Release Day!

Saturday Millionaires book by Kristi DoshHAPPY BOOK RELEASE DAY TO ME!

Two and a half years ago I decided to write a book about the business of college football based on everything I was learning as I transitioned from being an attorney who happened to be a college football fan to a journalist covering the business side of collegiate athletics. As I visited campuses, sat down with athletic directors and toured athletic facilities, I realized just how little I understood about collegiate athletics as a fan. I made mental notes when I learned new things, especially when they changed my opinions, and it wasn’t long before I had enough for a book. Saturday Millionaires is my attempt to teach you everything I’ve learned about college football so you can be a more informed fan.

Today, you can finally hold my book in your hands, because it’s officially release day! *dances around fist pumping*

Here’s a preview of what you’ll get in the book:

Last year Football Bowl Subdivision college football programs produced over $1 billion in net revenue. Record-breaking television contracts were announced.  Despite the enormous revenue, college football is in upheaval. Schools are accused of throwing their academic mission aside to fund their football teams. The media and fans are beating the drum for athletes to be paid. And the conferences are being radically revised as schools search for TV money. Saturday Millionaires shows that schools are right to fund their football teams first; that athletes will never be paid like employees; how the media skews the financial facts; and why the TV deals are so important. It follows the money to the heart of college football and shows the real game being played, covering such areas as:

Myth #1: All Athletic Departments Are Created Equal
Myth #2: Supporting Football Means Degrading Academics
Myth #3: College Football Players Could Be Paid Like Employees
Myth #4: Football Coaches Are Overpaid
Myth #5: A Playoff Will Bring Equality to College Football
Myth #6: Only A Handful of Athletic Departments are Self-Sustaining

You can also check out some interviews I’ve done around the web:

  • Red Slice: check out my guest post on this brand marketing website, where I discuss why I wrote Saturday Millionaires and how I became an expert on the subject
  • 5 Seconds in the Paint: here you can listen to a podcast where I discuss my career, how Saturday Millionaires came to be and some of the subjects covered in the book
  • CBS Radio: I joined the MoJo show to discuss my chapter on paying student athletes
  • 92.9 The Game (Atlanta): I sat down with the Opening Drive to discuss Saturday Millionaires 

Still not sold on buying Saturday Millionaires? Check out the Foreword (by Tim Brando), Introduction and Chapter 1 for FREE here – I’m confident you will learn something new, and hopefully it’ll leave you wanting more…in which case, you can order Saturday Millionaires here or head out to your local bookstore to snag a copy. Barnes & Noble has a nice feature online that allows you to search for the book at a local store by putting in your zip code. Quite a few of the stores have it in stock today. If your local bookseller doesn’t have the book yet, please encourage them to order it!

The table of contents, reviews and more are on the Saturday Millionaires website! You can also check out my book tour schedule there to see if I come to a city near you – I’d love to meet each and every one of you!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me on this journey. Today is a day I’ll never forget!

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