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New Opportunities!

Since my ESPN contract ended in October, I’ve been working on some new pursuits. It’s finally time to tell you a little about what I’ve been doing…. On the sports business front, I’ve started with Campus Insiders as their Sports Business Insider. If you click on the picture, you can watch my first segment with Campus Insiders on the college athlete unionization news that broke last week. You can catch …Read More

Want to Work in Sports? Stand Out from the Crowd

Last month, I gave a keynote speech at University of Cincinnati’s Society of Sport Leaders’ Symposium (you can watch the video of my speech here). I started it out with two questions: 1) How many of you want to work in sports? 2) How many of you think you will work in sports? I’ve started a number of my speeches to sports management/administration students that way, and regardless of what schools I’m at, I …Read More

The Challenges of Freelance Writing

I’ve been freelance writing for magazines like Woman’s Day, Men’s Health, and Parents (and their accompanying websites) for a couple of years now. Until last October, I was freelancing because I love to write. The extra cash went straight into our wedding fund, but it wasn’t something I needed to survive. (Although, it’s worth noting here that I began freelance writing about non-sports subjects on purpose when I realized I …Read More

Cyber Monday!

I’m still recovering from my Black Friday trip to the mall, but it’s time to rally for Cyber Monday! I’ve got a few items left on my list, but first I want to help you with your shopping list…. Want a truly unique gift for a friend or family member? I’ve marked down the price of autographed copies of my book, Saturday Millionaires, to $20 – that’s less than list …Read More

Black Friday Career Coaching Specials!

I usually spend Black Friday shopping ’til I drop, but this year I’ve decided I should be the one offering a good deal to my loyal followers and readers. I’m offering a FREE resume and cover letter overview to 20 people. I’ll review each document and send you a brief summary of my thoughts on each, including whether you have any grammar or spelling errors and how your resume and …Read More

Workshop Wednesday – November 20, 2013

Each Wednesday I randomly select a cover letter sent in by sports job seekers and critique the letter. If you want to know more about how Workshop Wednesday works or how to send in your cover letter, see this post. I have left comments open, but I will only approve comments with respectful questions or comments. Please note, names and companies have been changed to protect anonymity. This person is applying for full-time …Read More

The Importance of Finding a Career Peer

Much has been written about the benefits of having a career mentor, but it wasn’t until recently that I discovered how important it is to have what I’m going to call a “career peer.” I couldn’t find any commonly used catchphrases or monikers out there for this type of person, so right here and now I’m going to try and coin “career peer” and stress the importance of finding one. …Read More