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Career Advice

Advice for First-Year Attorneys

Seven years ago, I was a first-year attorney at the firm of my dreams. No doubt, many of you recently sat for the bar exam and started your first jobs as attorneys. You know you need to work long hours. You know you have billable hours to meet. However, being a successful attorney is about far more than cranking out work product. I worked in a midsize law firm (over …Read More

Success Story: Niche Sports Blogger

Guest blogger: Matthew Walthert I have always loved writing and sports.  In high school, I did a co-op term that allowed me to work as a reporter for my local newspaper.  Later, I did some freelance work for them. In university, I studied history, which helped me to improve both my writing and research skills. Afterward, I knew I wanted to write, and I did publish a few pieces in …Read More

The Unpaid Internship Debate

I’m in a catch-22 situation when it comes to interns. I could genuinely use the help, and there are plenty of students and young professionals out there willing to do an unpaid internship. However, every time I’ve mentioned that I might need an intern on Twitter over the past few years, I’ve received tweets about the evils of not paying interns. Generally speaking, the projects I would use interns for …Read More

A role model for aspiring female sports broadcasters

I am proud to call Rachel Baribeau my friend. Not only is she an amazingly talented broadcaster for ACC Network and Sirius/XM College Sports Nation, she’s one of the most genuine and selfless people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. A couple of weeks ago at SEC Media Days, Rachel and I met with young female journalists and broadcasters and offered up some advice, which ranged from appropriate professional …Read More

Young Administrators Cover Letter & Resume Review and Mock Interviews

Who: NACDA, NACMA, NAADD and ICLA Young Administrators & Students What: Young Administrators Cover Letter and Resume Review and Mock Interviews When: Tuesday & Wednesday, June 10-11 (3-5 pm) Where: NACDA & Affiliates Convention, World Center Marriott Resort (Orlando, FL), Denver & Chicago Rooms Young administrators and students registered to attend the Convention can sign up to have their cover letter and resume reviewed in one-on-one coaching sessions, to participate in a mock interview …Read More

New Opportunities!

Since my ESPN contract ended in October, I’ve been working on some new pursuits. It’s finally time to tell you a little about what I’ve been doing…. On the sports business front, I’ve started with Campus Insiders as their Sports Business Insider. If you click on the picture, you can watch my first segment with Campus Insiders on the college athlete unionization news that broke last week. You can catch …Read More

Want to Work in Sports? Stand Out from the Crowd

Last month, I gave a keynote speech at University of Cincinnati’s Society of Sport Leaders’ Symposium (you can watch the video of my speech here). I started it out with two questions: 1) How many of you want to work in sports? 2) How many of you think you will work in sports? I’ve started a number of my speeches to sports management/administration students that way, and regardless of what schools I’m at, I …Read More

The Challenges of Freelance Writing

I’ve been freelance writing for magazines like Woman’s Day, Men’s Health, and Parents (and their accompanying websites) for a couple of years now. Until last October, I was freelancing because I love to write. The extra cash went straight into our wedding fund, but it wasn’t something I needed to survive. (Although, it’s worth noting here that I began freelance writing about non-sports subjects on purpose when I realized I …Read More