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Girl blogging on a laptopAny aspiring sports blogger can start their own sports blog…within minutes, in fact. That’s why there are so many out there. What are you doing to set yours apart? How are you driving traffic to your blog?

If you don’t have answers to those questions, I can help you find your way and develop a following that can lead to greater opportunities in the world of sports media. I can trace my start in sports media to a Braves blog I created for free on WordPress one afternoon. From there I moved up to a network of sports blogs and then on to Forbes. Feedback from readers of my Forbes articles then gave me the idea to start BusinessofCollegeSports.com, which eventually led me to a published book and a position as a sports business reporter at ESPN for the last two years.

You can read more about how I did it here, and then when you’re ready I can help you create your own success!


The Once-Over for Bloggers


You already have a sports blog, but you’re not sure if you’re maximizing your potential. I will take a look at your blog and give you a broad overview of what you’re doing right…and more importantly, where you could improve. This package includes:

  • A review of your blog to include reading at least 10 posts and viewing any social media accounts associated with your blog.
  • A written summary of what is and isn’t working on your blog and associated social media accounts, including specific suggestions for improvement. 
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The Editor 


You already have a sports blog, but you could use a hands-on editor. I will tailor a package for you that can include line edits of some or all of your posts, feedback on content, advice on leveraging social media or addressing any other area of concern. Since each writer’s abilities and needs are different, this is offered as an hourly service only. Contact me to discuss your area of need, and I can give you an estimate of the time that would be necessary to achieve your goals.


“Kristi Dosh has been instrumental in taking my basketball blog, 5 Seconds in the Paint, to heights I never imagined. Having published works of her own, she has been able to isolate consistent mistakes I was making while writing my blogs.  Not only did she provide links to help improve those aspects of my writing, but also directly edited the portion of my blog so that I could clearly see how it should be changed.  Throughout the entire process she was very patient, and was willing to answer all my questions.  Her advice is honest but encouraging; I feel more like I am being guided than instructed.  She has helped draw traffic to my site via social media, and even wrote a guest blog for the site.  In four short months, I’ve gone from someone who thought I had a unique take on covering basketball, to actually being a media credentialed writer for Robert Morris University and the Canton Charge.  Without Kristi, none of that would be possible and I am so thankful for all that she has done for me.” – Stephen Gertz

My first impression on a personal level with Kristi, a well-known, successful role model in this industry, was her willingness to guide me. I have admired Kristi’s work for years, and when I reached out to her she immediately met me on my path and helped to put me in a position to succeed quicker than I expected. Not only is it rare to possess personable, admirable qualities of a genuine person, but to have a desire to help others follow in her footsteps is outstanding. Kristi is knowledgeable in a vast array of fields in sports, and her decision to aid us all, is to nothing but our benefit. Of her many outlets for success in the sports business realm, I believe helping others is her true priority. It’s so exciting and encouraging for students to know there is someone like Kristi to guide them along their personal path.

As a journalist, I know the importance of online presence and writing/blogging consistency. Kristi gave me a focal point to target for my writing that’s not only interesting, but unique for my readers. Without that targeted approach, I wouldn’t stand out like I do now.” – Lindsay Cash, KTXS

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  • Robert Hudson
    Monday, November 2, 2015 - 11:18 am Reply

    I am writing from The United States Sports Academy to request your permission to repost the article, Four Hurdles On The Way To Adding An NFL Team In London….. to our electronic publication, The Sport Digest. The Academy is a private, non-profit sports university in Daphne, Ala.

    You are the original author and http://www.kristidosh.com/… the original publisher. Please advise at your soonest convenience.

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