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Peach Belt Conf SpeechAre you a professional working in the sports industry and thinking about what your next step up the ladder might be? If you’re not, you should be.

The best time to plan for your next job is while you’re still happy in our current job. Don’t wait until you’re faced with a situation where you need to make a change – maybe your boss takes a job elsewhere or your department makes cuts – because then it might already be too late. You can’t neglect your professional development and then suddenly pull it all together in a couple of weeks when it’s time to look for a new job.

I work with professionals throughout the sports industry, both in collegiate and professional sports, to plan for their next job. From the basics, such as working on your resume and cover letter, to joining the right LinkedIn groups, participating in Twitter chats and attending the right conferences and events, I can help you map out a plan for your future.

You can’t always wait for opportunity to knock – sometimes you have to rip the door off its hinges and tackle opportunity in the street.

Don’t wait for your career to happen to you…make it happen for you! I’d love to help you do just that.

More on Kristi

After transitioning her own career from being a practicing attorney to being a sports business reporter for outlets such as Forbes, ESPN, SportsBusiness Journal and more, Kristi has become a recognized expert on career and networking advice for students and professionals in the sports industry. She has spoken in dozens of sports management, sports administration and sports law courses and for student organizations, intercollegiate athletic departments and intercollegiate athletic conferences on topics ranging from cover letter and resume mistakes to how to use Twitter for professional development.

Kristi’s career blog provides a wide range of free advice for students and professionals. As a reporter, Kristi has traveled the country and developed connections with professionals at every level in both intercollegiate and professional athletics. In addition to proactively seeking information on their hiring processes that might benefit clients, she also leverages those relationships to assist clients in finding networking and job opportunities.


If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please feel free to contact Kristi for a package tailored to meet your specific needs.

The Resume/Cover Letter Polish


You have a cover letter and resume, but you aren’t sure you’re putting your best foot forward. Having read hundreds of cover letters and resumes from sports job seekers, Kristi can let you know how you stack up against other candidates and offer revisions that will help differentiate you. This package includes:

  • Complete line edit of both your resume and cover letter
  • Summary letter with advice for your future
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Add-on services available at an additional fee. See list of add-on services below.

The Mock Interview


You feel confident about your cover letter and resume, but either you’re nervous about interviews or your interviews haven’t converted into internship/job offers. The old saying is true: practice makes perfect. This package includes:

  • 30-minute mock interview (by phone or Skype, your choice) based on questions and small projects hiring managers have shared with me
  • Summary letter detailing advice for improving your interview skills
  • Brief letter with my overall impression of your resume/cover letter
  • Please note: this package does not include line edits of your resume and cover letter. You can add line edits for an additional $25.
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Add-on services available at an additional fee. See list of add-on services below.

The Job Search Preparation Package

You’re ready to start applying for jobs and want guidance on how to find the job openings, what sets a resume and cover letter apart from the rest of the pile, and how to nail your interviews. This package is individually tailored for each individual and can include such things as:

  • 30-minute phone call to discuss your previous experience and future career goals
  • Personalized strategy for locating and applying for jobs
  • Complete line edit of your resume and cover letter
  • Written review of your social media presence with advice for improvement
  • Mock interview (by phone or Skype), which may include a small project similar to what a hiring manager might assign
  • Summary letter with advice for your future

If you’re interested in this package, please email me to schedule an initial consultation. After our call, I will prepare a formal proposal tailored to your individual needs.

The Career Concierge 

3-6 Months

You want a career coach who is with you every step of the way. This package includes all of the advice and hands-on review included in all of the other packages. It entitles you to unlimited feedback, edits and reviews of your documents and social media for three months. The package begins with a phone call of up to one hour where we’ll discuss your past experience and future goals. You’ll receive a personalized career road map following the initial consultation. I’ll also use my best efforts to introduce you to people in the industry.

This package looks a little bit different for everyone based on your personal goals and how soon you’re planning your next job search. Services I’ve provided as part of this package in the past have included such things as:

  • Assisting with applications for scholarships to conferences, inclusion in mentoring programs, etc.
  • Social media coaching – from what to tweet to which LinkedIn groups to join and how to make the most of online networking possibilities
  • Identifying opportunities to guest blog or publish bylined articles to build expertise in a given area
  • Assisting with writing opportunities, such as guest blogs or bylined articles
  • Formulating and implementing a plan that will establish you as an expert in a given area

If you’re interested in this package, please email me to schedule an initial consultation. After our call, I will prepare a formal proposal tailored to your individual needs.

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Additional Services

The following additional services are available:

  • Social media review and guidance: I’ll review your social media accounts and give written feedback on the overall impression an employer would have based on your social media presence. I’ll also give advice for what you could do to improve your social media presence. Not active on social media yet? I’ll get you started. 
  • Networking road map: we’ll spend some time via phone and email discussing who you know, how to build relationships, what events you can attend to extend your network, and I’ll review at least three emails you want to send to connections.
  • 30-minute phone call to discuss the career/networking topic of your choice

Email me to learn more!


I had the pleasure of meeting Kristi Dosh in July of 2013 at the NACDA Convention in Orlando, Florida. After briefly speaking with her about her extensive background in the sports industry I was later paired with her in a resume and cover letter workshop for students. Kristi dissected my resume and cover letter! She carefully went through each section of my resume telling me how to add value and what to eliminate. One great tip Kristi gave me was to list my accomplishments on my resume. After making the necessary changes to my resume I truly believe her professional guidance helped me to obtain an internship with the Orlando Magic. I can’t thank Kristi enough for her assistance.  Her bubbly personality and knowledge of sports will take her far in the industry.”  – Jessica Griffin, Member Relations Specialist, Jacksonville Jaguars

When I first approached Kristi in the spring of 2013, I was looking to get the most out of my first summer internship in sports. She gave me advice about using social media to gain industry insights; I started utilizing this advice that night. By taking that initiative I was selected for career coaching this past summer. She immediately pushed me to expand my network and begin reaching out to professionals who caught my eye in the industry. At first this was a daunting task, but Kristi walked me through each step of the process. She filled me in on tips to get in contact with the right people at an organization even if their contact information was hard to find or non-existent. She made sure that I was reaching out to each individual in the correct fashion whether they were a complete stranger or a family friend. Through her process I was able to set up eight phone calls, five in-person meetings, and one shadow opportunity in just over three months. As a result I am currently a marketing intern for the Wisconsin Athletic Department and Fancred, a sports social media app. Since this summer, Kristi has continued to help me use this same networking process to seek a career in sports after graduation. Ms. Dosh is an expert on networking in the sports industry and she tailors her knowledge to your goals in order to put you in the best position to succeed.” – Dan Kirk, Marketing Assistant, University of Maryland

The inaugural NACDA & Affiliates Young Administrators Cover Letter and Resume Review sessions held in conjunction with the Annual Convention were a huge success thanks to Kristi. Over the course of four hours, attendees had the opportunity to receive advice on their next steps from well-respected athletics administrators in the industry. Although the advice may have varied, the overarching theme was that you need to sell yourself to get that next position in collegiate athletics and to show potential future employers why they should take a chance on  you.  We received such great feedback about this segment of the Convention that we hope to work with Kristi to make this event a staple for years to come.” Julie Work, Assistant Executive Director, National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics

“Personally, I developed a new outlook on the industry and my place in the wide world of sports after Kristi spoke to our group. She reminded me of my love for the business side of sports and I left with a reinvigorated drive to make it in the industry. After her visit to [University of Tennessee], I reached out to Kristi in hopes of seeking some professional advice. Since then, she has been an incredible resource for me. Kristi helps me to recognize my strengths and offers ideas of things to look into and consider as I build a career in sports. Her selflessness, knowledge, experiences, and passion for sports are just a few reasons why she is an asset to sport professionals, be they recent college graduates or senior sport administrators with many years of experience.” – Sarah Rodts, Assistant Director of Game Day at Notre Dame

This summer I was one of the fortunate students to have Kristi be my personal career coach. After having a chance for her break down my resume and cover letter, teaching me how to network better, and helping me prepare for interviews, my career has started to take off. This past summer with her advice I was able to talk to three different NFL PR directors and keep them as mentors. Also with her help I was able to secure an internship in Public Relations for an NFL team. Kristi has been a great source for every question I have had about working in sports. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor this summer.” – Tim Akins, Public Relations Intern, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This past summer I had the wonderful opportunity to be career-coached by Kristi. If you are a student, I highly recommend taking advantage of Kristi’s services. She is extremely knowledgeable about the sports business industry, and her networking skills are unmatched. Listening to Kristi speak and checking out her website are both fantastic ways to enhance your personal brand and to widen your network. However, the personalization I was able to get through my career coaching was invaluable. I was able to talk to Kristi on the phone about exactly what I wanted to do, and she was able to help me create a plan for what steps I needed to take to get there. Kristi shared her vast collection of industry contacts with me and helped connect me with industry professionals in community relations (the field I want to work in). She helped coach me on the best way to use my Twitter and how to stay in contact with my network over time. She also provided a lot of advice and support when I was in the process of applying for my current internship, including editing my resume for me. If you are serious about working in the sports industry, I highly recommend taking advantage of Kristi’s services!” – Michelle Preston, senior at University of Wisconsin 

In the almost two years that I’ve been working for Kristi, she has been one of the greatest career mentors I could have asked for. When it comes to resumes and cover letters, from her I have learned the necessity to show, rather than tell, and she has often helped me craft cover letters that have gotten me some great internships. She is readily available and always responds quickly with a well-thought-out response due to her immense experience with career advising. I look forward to working with her in the future and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their career opportunities.” – Lauren Nevidomsky, law student at University of Virginia

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