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New Texas Athletic Director Might Have Tough Job But Won’t Be Strapped For Cash

Just how plum is the athletic director job at University of Texas? Former acting commissioner of the Big 12 Chuck Neinas says, “it’s like going to the University of Heaven.” Apparently Neinas’ version of heaven is a giant cash box in the sky. Neinas says the most important part of an athletic director’s job revolves around […]Read More

Facilities Tour: Texas A&M

When I visited Texas A&M last month I had the pleasure of going on an athletics facilities tour with Kevin Hurley, Associate Athletic Director for Construction and Facilities. Considered collectively, A&M’s facilities are top-notch. The only major improvements needed are to Kyle Field and the football training facilities, and there appear to be plans for that […]Read More

Big East vs. Big 12: Which is more stable?

Although I was wrong about plenty of things when I made my four 16-team super conference lists months ago, I was right about one thing: the Big East was indeed an innocent bystander who was injured in the cross-fire. My prediction was that when conferences couldn’t find what they needed or wanted in the Big 12, […]Read More

Conference Realignment Predictions

How conferences will realign is anyone’s guess. I’ve spoken with athletic department executives at a number of schools and they’ve asked me as many questions as I’ve asked them. No one has a clear idea of how things will shake out. What I do know is that my predictions from over a month ago were […]Read More