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Webinar: Personal Branding for Professionals in Sports

“Personal branding” is one of those buzzwords few people understand. No, it doesn’t mean you have to come up with a name like “SportsBizMiss” and create a catchy logo. It’s one of those do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do sort of things. I’ve recently expanded my Career Coaching services to include young professionals, because I’ve begun to receive more inquiries from those out working in their first or second jobs than from students. It’s the …Read More

Professional Development: planning for your next job even if you’re happy in your current job

Most of my career coaching clients are either currently job searching or students who will soon be job hunting. A recent addition to my client roster, however, is a young professional in an entry-level college athletics position in his field of choice. Why does he need me, you might ask? It’s easier to find your next job if you’ve been planning for it all along In each position I’ve held, I’ve …Read More

Five Things Sports Jobseekers Should Do During Winter Break

Ahh, there’s nothing like winter break after a long semester. You’ve got rest and relaxation on the brain. You’re probably binge watching shows on Netflix and filling up on leftovers. Sorry folks, but it’s time to get serious. While you’ve got some time on your hands, you should be getting yourself in tip-top shape for pursuing your next opportunity. So, here are five things I think you can do during …Read More

Career Coaching for Sports Job Seekers

I started my career coaching service for students and young professionals who are pursuing careers in sports a little over a year ago. I recently decided to survey all my current and past clients to get some ideas about how I can improve my coaching. As part of the survey, I decided to get more organized and create a spreadsheet of all my former clients, their career goals and where …Read More

Success Story: Niche Sports Blogger

Guest blogger: Matthew Walthert I have always loved writing and sports.  In high school, I did a co-op term that allowed me to work as a reporter for my local newspaper.  Later, I did some freelance work for them. In university, I studied history, which helped me to improve both my writing and research skills. Afterward, I knew I wanted to write, and I did publish a few pieces in …Read More

A role model for aspiring female sports broadcasters

I am proud to call Rachel Baribeau my friend. Not only is she an amazingly talented broadcaster for ACC Network and Sirius/XM College Sports Nation, she’s one of the most genuine and selfless people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. A couple of weeks ago at SEC Media Days, Rachel and I met with young female journalists and broadcasters and offered up some advice, which ranged from appropriate professional …Read More

The Importance of Finding a Career Peer

Much has been written about the benefits of having a career mentor, but it wasn’t until recently that I discovered how important it is to have what I’m going to call a “career peer.” I couldn’t find any commonly used catchphrases or monikers out there for this type of person, so right here and now I’m going to try and coin “career peer” and stress the importance of finding one. …Read More

Reaction to “Working in Sports and Being a Sports Fan”

When I wrote yesterday’s post, I worried that perhaps Chadd and I are the only ones who’ve noticed a change in our fandom with working in sports. That worry was short-lived, however, as tweets began to flood in from others who work in sports and feel the same. I thought it would be useful for students to see some of the replies I received from others working in sports: @SportsBizMiss …Read More

Do You Want To Work In Sports For The Right Reasons?

Last week, my fiance and I participated on a panel at Media Week at University of North Florida. My fiance, Chadd, has been in sports talk radio for nearly 20 years, and one student asked him what the advantages were to working in radio versus television. His reply: “None.” He went on to tell the students that they shouldn’t pursue sports talk radio unless they couldn’t imagine doing anything else …Read More