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Using a Conference to Take Networking to the Next Level

After last week’s guest post on the Ivy Sports Symposium, I took a minute to read through the latest tweets from Ivy Sports Symposium (@sportssymposium) and saw where they had retweeted a student’s comment about a phone call he had as a result of attending their conference. I was intrigued by the opportunity to bring you all a first-hand account of how attending a conference can present opportunities, so I …Read More

Following up with New Contacts

Now that you know why you should attend industry conferences/events, how to prepare for them, and what to do while you’re there, it’s time to talk about how you follow up with your new contacts and develop a relationship. Hopefully you took my advice and made notes on the back of the business cards you collected. Those will come in handy. For example, I went straight from MLB Winter Meetings …Read More

Networking at Conferences/Events

I’ve explained why you should be attending industry conferences/events and detailed what you can do before you arrive to make the most of your networking opportunities. But what do you do when you get there? I’m sure for some of you the idea of approaching strangers at a conference or other event is terrifying. I’m a naturally outgoing and talkative person – my mother says even as a toddler I …Read More

Pre-Conference Planning

Yesterday I explained why attending industry conferences and events is important. Although I’m gearing these tips towards those wanting to get into sports, particularly students, they apply to virtually any career. Getting the most out of attending a conference or event is about more than just showing up, although that’s obviously the first step. Once you’ve registered for the conference, what can you do to prepare? Get business cards if …Read More

Attend Industry Conferences/Events

I had originally planned for my first post to be about what you should be doing before you attend a conference. Then I realized that for some of you half the battle might be convincing you to attend the conference in the first place. So, let’s start there. I know you’ve got excuses – you’re too busy, you can’t afford it, you’re too shy. That’s fine. Just know there will …Read More