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Advice for First-Year Attorneys

Seven years ago, I was a first-year attorney at the firm of my dreams. No doubt, many of you recently sat for the bar exam and started your first jobs as attorneys. You know you need to work long hours. You know you have billable hours to meet. However, being a successful attorney is about far more than cranking out work product. I worked in a midsize law firm (over …Read More

Mailbag: How do I transition from attorney to sports?

Here’s an example of an email I receive quite often from a professional who wants to break into sports. As I tell him in my response, if I had a dollar for every attorney, accountant or other professional who emailed me looking to break into sports, I could probably afford to retire. Hello Kristi, I’m an attorney practicing corporate tax law in [City}. Sounds fun, right? Well, I am hoping to …Read More

Choosing the Right Law School: Do Rankings Matter?

Earlier this week I wrote about whether you should focus your sights solely on law schools with sports law certificates. Another question I’ve received lately is with regards to law school rankings and whether they matter. Is there really a difference between higher- and lower-tiered law schools? Yes, in my personal experience there was a difference. I say this as someone who went to a fourth-tier law school and then transferred …Read More

More on Sports Law Certificates

Ian Gunn is a 2L in the sports law certificate program at Tulane University Law School, the incoming Editor in Chief of The Sports Lawyers Journal, and the current Social Media Coordinator for the Tulane Sports Law Society. So, basically… he’s an over-achiever. Somehow he even found time in his busy schedule to write a post with his thoughts on being in the sports law certificate program at Tulane in response to my …Read More

Choosing a Law School: Sports Law Certificates

A question I get fairly frequently is from prospective law students wondering if they should go to a law school with a sports law program. So, I thought I’d dedicate a post to answering that question. I’ll also do another post on Thursday addressing some of the more general questions I get about choosing a law school. For those who don’t know, I graduated from University of Florida Law. However, …Read More

Mailbag: Should I go to Law School?

Hello Ms. Dosh, I’m currently a sophomore at [X University], and I am pursuing a career ultimately as a college basketball coach. Right now I am majoring in Law and Society with a pre-law concentration. I plan to attend to attend law school and focus on learning business law. I want to use that to parlay my way into working with athletics whether that be college or professional and eventually …Read More

Should you go to law school?

I get a lot of emails from students asking for career advice, but by far the number one thing I’m asked is whether you should go to law school. This is a tough one for me to answer. I have never regretted going to law school. I also have no idea if I would be where I am if I hadn’t gone to law school. If you’ve read about my …Read More