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NLRB Dismisses Northwestern Unionization Petition

Student athletes came the closest they’ve ever come to being classified as employees when Northwestern scholarship football student athletes petitioned the National Labor Relations Board in early 2014. That journey, however, came to an end today when the full NLRB panel in D.C. dismissed the petition. Click here to keep reading on Outkick the Coverage … Continue reading NLRB Dismisses Northwestern Unionization Petition

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Advice for First-Year Attorneys

Seven years ago, I was a first-year attorney at the firm of my dreams. No doubt, many of you recently sat for the bar exam and started your first jobs as attorneys. You know you need to work long hours. You know you have billable hours to meet. However, being a successful attorney is about far more than cranking out work product. I worked in a midsize law firm (over …Read More

Ask SportsBizMiss: volleyball profit, licensing naming rights, ticket revenue and government subsidies

Until now, we haven’t had a mailbag feature here at BusinessofCollegeSports.com, but I do check the search terms people use to find our site almost every day. So many times I wish I could reach out to the person and see if they found what they were looking for, but I don’t actually know who searched […]Read More

Three Things the O’Bannon Ruling Does Not Mean

If you’re not inclined to read my full report on the ruling in the O’Bannon case that came down on Friday, you can probably get away with simply knowing what it does not mean. It does not mean all student athletes are getting cost-of-attendance stipends. In fact, it doesn’t even mean all football and men’s basketball […]Read More

Are O’Bannon Ruling and Title IX at Odds?

One of the most complicated parts of the O’Bannon ruling against the NCAA stems from the fact that Judge Wilken did not have to take Title IX into account when she ordered stipends and trust funds for football and men’s basketball student athletes. I am not a Title IX scholar or expert, but I did interview about a […]Read More

What the O’Bannon Ruling Means for the NCAA and College Sports

A federal judge ruled against the NCAA on Friday on the O’Bannon case, which deal with student athletes’ inability to be compensated for use of their names, images and likenesses. Although the judge dealt the NCAA a blow, and certainly gave student athletes a landmark victory, her ruling was very narrowly tailored. I have a […]Read More

Texas A&M Wrongly Cast as Bully in 12th Man Trademark Dispute

Just one month ago, Texas A&M was depicted as a bully who got its thrills from suing double amputee cancer survivors. The story generated headlines like these: “Texas A&M threatens to sue double amputee, cancer survivor” “Texas A&M tackles double amputee over ’12th Man’” “Texas A&M plays hardball with a double amputee over 12th Man trademark” Those […]Read More

Podcast: Saturday Millionaires, Episode 4

Texas A&M has been labeled a bully for going after a double-amputee cancer survivor using the 12th Man trademark. Here’s what you don’t know about the story…. Please note, Texas A&M originally told me the Bills did not pay to license the 12th Man trademark for use in their stadium, which I mention in the podcast. […]Read More

NCAA Settles Sam Keller Case for $20 Million

The NCAA has reached a proposed $20 million settlement with current and former student athletes in the class action led by former ASU and Nebraska quarterback Sam Keller. If approved by Judge Claudia Wilken, it would be in addition to the $40 million settlement agreed to by EA Sports and CLC less than two weeks […]Read More