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The Importance of Finding a Career Peer

Much has been written about the benefits of having a career mentor, but it wasn’t until recently that I discovered how important it is to have what I’m going to call a “career peer.” I couldn’t find any commonly used catchphrases or monikers out there for this type of person, so right here and now I’m going to try and coin “career peer” and stress the importance of finding one. …Read More

More on the Power of a Letter

I recently shared with you the story of Pete Van Wieren, in which I highlighted the fact that he typed and sent one letter a day to a radio station in a city with a minor league baseball team in his quest to secure his dream job. I also have similar stories coming up involving former Braves GM John Schuerholz and current Chicago Cubs general manager Theo Epstein, and have previously …Read More

Seek Out Opportunities in Sports

I like to share people’s career stories with you in the hopes that you start to see they all have a few common threads. Morgan Rainer is a lovely young woman I met on Twitter who has a great story about her career path thus far. She is currently the Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications at the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic. I asked Morgan to write a guest post …Read More

A Cover Letter that Became an Instant Classic

Business Insider posted a cover letter today. Not their usual beat, but this isn’t your usual cover letter. For the full post, including a selection of some of the responses to the letter, see the Business Insider article here. If you check out the responses Business Insider posted, you’ll see that this cover letter was an instant sensation. It would seem inevitable that this person is getting a job somewhere …Read More

How Relationships Helped University of Louisville Get an ACC Invite

Building relationships isn’t only for those who are just starting out. To be successful in any field, you must build and maintain relationships indefinitely. Want proof? Check out this piece about how University of Louisville president James Ramsey and athletic director Tom Jurich called on every relationship they had in television and college sports to get their school an invite into the ACC.

Putting Yourself Out There

When I speak to groups of students, I always try to stress how important it is to put yourself out there. It’s not enough to just meet people, you should be telling them your goals if given the opportunity. You will be amazed at the people who will help you along the way. To illustrate, I want to share with you what happened when I posted a young man’s question …Read More