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Guilt-Free Pumpkin Recipes

What do pumpkin recipes have in common with sports? Not much except they both combine to make fall my favorite season. What’s not to love? Football has started, baseball is entering the post-season, and pumpkin-flavored everything is everywhere! Unfortunately, most of the pumpkin fare offered by restaurants, bakeries and coffee shops is pumped full of sugar. Pumpkin by itself is relatively healthy. According to the site where I snagged one of …Read More

When someone’s professional reputation precedes them…

..don’t let it be the sole determination of your relationship with that person. Certainly be cautious if the situation warrants it, but always keep an open mind. When I was but a wee attorney, I was warned about a partner at my firm who was notoriously hard to work with. Or at least that’s the experience others had with him. When he was looking for someone with my expertise to …Read More

A Day in the Life

I’m frequently asked about the transition I made from attorney to sports business reporter. The biggest difference is that there’s no time I’m really off work anymore. I’m always watching headlines and keeping track of the latest, whether it’s 6 a.m., 9 p.m. or over the weekend. I haven’t had a day where I do no work for ESPN or on one of my books since I began this new …Read More

Six Life Skills I Learned from Sports

In honor of the 40th anniversary of Title IX, I’m republishing something I wrote years ago about what I learned by playing sports. Originally published by me November 8, 2010 on ItsaSwingandaMiss.com: After a discussion with a friend who didn’t grow up playing sports, I realized how much sports shaped who I am today.  I honestly believe I wouldn’t be the same person if I hadn’t played sports, although that’s …Read More

How reality tv impacts my reality

I’ve always known that my physical surroundings can greatly impact my productivity, but I’ve only recently noticed how other things can creep in and leave their mark. Even before I worked at home full-time I did a lot of work at home – from blogging to writing my books to doing work I brought home. I found it was nearly impossible for me to do work if my office wasn’t …Read More

When is a house not just a house?

Last week, I moved. There’s nothing remarkable about moving – annoying and stressful perhaps, but nothing particularly out of the ordinary. I moved to a city I’ve wanted to live in my entire life. The man I love moved with me, and my best friend lives a hundred yards away. The beach is a block away. That’s pretty hard to beat. I’m excited and hopeful about my new life in …Read More