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Top Cover Letter Mistakes

After a bit of a summer (and book marketing) hiatus, Workshop Wednesday will return next week! In preparation for its return, I want to go over the most common mistakes I see and provide some examples from past Workshop Wednesdays. Your cover letter is too generic. I know you’re all “motivated” and a “hard worker” and have great “time management skills.” So, do yourself a favor and skip these common …Read More

Fashion Advice for Females in Sports Media

Guest author: Jessica Blaylock The following is a guest post by Jessica Blaylock, who is a sideline reporter for Fox Sports Florida covering the Orlando Magic and a Jaguars reporter and show contributor at 1010XL sports radio in Jacksonville, FL. Let’s be honest—as women, picking out an outfit can be difficult. Whether it’s for running errands or going out, making a decision on which top goes best with that bottom …Read More

Social Media Guidelines for Students

It has come to my attention that some of you out there need some guidance about what is and isn’t appropriate to discuss on Twitter. More and more, employers are taking into consideration your social media presence as part of the screening process, whether you realize it or not. In my recent search for a personal assistant, I listed experience with social media as a requirement, because it’s such a …Read More

What Not to Do: Blow a Job Application

I’ve been so busy lately it feels like I’ll never get caught up on emails and my other administrative tasks. To that end, I decided to hire a personal assistant. My business is at a level where I feel a personal assistant could free me up to do more work by handling some of my administrative workload. In fact, I missed Workshop Wednesday this week because I’m so overloaded. (I …Read More

How I Made Internship Hiring Decisions

So, it turns out hiring interns can give you heartburn. I had no idea the quality of the applicants would all be so high! I had to make some incredibly hard choices – and, in fact, I’m still not done. That means if you haven’t heard from me yet, you’re still in the running. Since I’m largely done making decisions, however, I thought it might be helpful to give you …Read More

What Not To Do: How do I find a job?

It’s time to start another series here on the blog, and this one is going to focus on what not to do. Last night, I participated in a chat on Twitter under hashtag #sbchat (sb = sports business). If you want to work in sports, or do work in sports, be sure you check out chats like this and take advantage of the opportunity to interact with industry professionals. I’m …Read More