Sarah Rodts

Kristi found out about our Women in Sports group at the University of Tennessee and offered to speak to us. Having been limited to speakers who had an affiliation with Tennessee, we were thrilled about Kristi’s visit. From the moment we walked into the room, we could feel Kristi’s energy and genuine excitement. During both the presentation and Q&A portions…

Kent Richard

Wanting to stress to our student body the importance of networking and the use of social media in pursuing a career in athletics, I reached out to Kristi so she could share her experience with our students. Kristi was wonderful to work with and her conversation with our students was engaging, topical, and provided all our participants with a strategy…

Nels Popp

We invited Kristi to campus this past spring to be part of our sport management symposium, an event geared toward college students aspiring to break into the business of sports. We could not have had a better person as part of our event; she was absolutely fantastic. Kristi has a great story to tell about what it takes to break…

Brian A. Turner, Ph.D.

I highly endorse Kristi Dosh as a guest speaker. The students in our master’s sport management program thoroughly enjoyed her talk on searching for jobs in sports and the importance of networking. Based on her advice, many students attended professional conferences and started using social media (especially Twitter) to build their personal networks.

Dr. Wm. A. “Bill” Sutton

Kristi was a featured speaker in this year’s University of South Florida MBA Speakers Series. In a word she was outstanding. The breadth and depth of her knowledge of the business of college athletics is very worthwhile – but her insights are priceless. She is an excellent communicator and had my graduate students completely engaged throughout her presentation. I hope…

Rachel A. Blunt

Kristi Dosh visited our campus to speak to Redhawks student-athletes about career advice and planning.  She emphasized the importance of networking, internships and utilizing social media to promote your  brand.  Her presentation was not only insightful but resonated well with our student-athletes. We would gladly welcome her back to Southeast Missouri State University.

Cassaundra Thorpe

“Kristi came and spoke with some of our female athletes and she was phenomenal! The ladies were very engaged and asked her a lot of different types of questions that she answered openly and honestly. The feedback that I have gotten from the ladies was that her information was exactly what they needed to hear as they begin to embark…

David Brunk

David Brunk

Kristi was the keynote speaker at our recent Peach Belt Conference Women in Athletics Seminar and she was outstanding. Her message was right on target with what young women wanting a career in athletics need to hear, plus she was very accessible to all our participants. In fact, I believe Kristi went above and beyond to connect with the student-athletes…

Kaleb Thornhill

Kaleb Thornhill

Kristi delivered a powerful message to our 2016 Miami Dolphins Rookie class about the importance of having a “WHY” behind their social media brand. Kristi challenged the rookies to be intentional in building their social media brand in order to maximize the NFL shield and platform while it exists!

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