Kristi’s book to be published by Wiley

The announcement in Publisher’s Marketplace:

ESPN sports business reporter Kristi Dosh’s SATURDAY MILLIONAIRES: WHY COLLEGE ATHLETES WILL NEVER BE PAID AND OTHER UNTOLD TRUTHS ABOUT THE BUSINESS OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL, a myth-busting look at the business of college football that delves beyond the popular storylines repeated in the media, to Stephen Power at Wiley, for publication in Summer 2013, by Laura Bradford at Bradford Literary Agency.


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  • Jeff Roy
    November 12, 2011

    Do you plan to incorporate the events surrounding Penn State in your forthcoming book? If so, what myths have they busted? Perhaps the myth the games, the competition, the combined efforts of scores of athletes, are what really matters. The reality is the games are just the sideshow and exist only to support the immense structure that surrounds them. Use the Watergate strategy of “follow the money” to identify the real beneficiaries: the coaches, athletic departments, conferences, networks, advertisers. I’ve looked at the NCAA financials and for all the revenue there’s not enough left over in most programs for any black ink on the bottom line. I just question how much actually goes to the athletes themselves. This $2000 bump they’re getting; was it there waiting to be spent all along? Because it ain’t coming out of petty cash. Or is this just a ploy to stifle the cries for more realistic compensation? As events outside the field of play further intrude, the sport loses what little innocence remained. If the past is prologue, the future is waiting for truer hearts and clearer minds to reform it anew. A Teddy Roosevelt for the 21st century? Your crusade awaits.