Roy Kramer on the BCS and its Future

Last week I had the pleasure of being on a panel at Thomas Jefferson School of Law’s conference on the Bowl Championship Series with Roy Kramer, former SEC Commissioner and “Father of the BCS.”

During the panel, I live-tweeted Mr. Kramer’s remarks about the BCS. So many of you were interested, I’ve published the series of tweets for your viewing. This is not an endorsement of any of his, or other panelist’s, comments.

Click here for my tweets regarding Mr. Kramer’s presentation at the conference. Find out what made Kramer say this:

It’s like Lou Holtz doing an ad for Hooters.

Click here for all of my tweets on other panelist’s presentations. They covered everything from the legality of the BCS to policy reasons for both its existence and need for reform. Other distinguished panelists included Mark Shurtleff (Utah’s Attorney General), Chad Pehrson (co-founder of PlayoffPAC) and many more. You don’t want to miss quotes like this:

For heaven’s sakes, BYU is considering going to the Big East.

Why do they call it the Football Championship Subdivision? Because they actually find a champion.


  • Jeff Roy
    Posted Monday, November 21, 2011 11:24 pm 0Likes

    Kristi, will there be a transcript available covering all the presentations?

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