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I’m going to be hiring several (unpaid) interns for the summer. These interns will work with me on non-ESPN related matters, so you will not be an ESPN intern. If you’re still interested, keep reading….

The bulk of what I need assistance with is my two books, which are both due to my publishers this summer. The first is called Balancing Baseball: How Collective Bargaining Has Changed the Major Leagues, and is a history of collective bargaining in baseball. The second is Saturday Millionaires: Why College Athletes Will Never Be Paid and Other Untold Truths about the Business of College Football.

These internships are unpaid, but if you’re able to get school credit, I’m happy to do whatever I need to do so you can get that credit. I also give you a nice little shout-out in the acknowledgments in my book.

My current plan is to engage one undergraduate student intern, two graduate student interns and three law student interns. All interns can work remotely – you do not have to live in Atlanta.

Below is a brief description of what each will be working on, but note this may change as I engage in new projects over the summer.

Undergraduate Intern: the undergraduate intern will work primarily on database management, which will require experience using Excel. I keep a lot of databases to keep me organized, and they’re all poorly neglected right now.

Graduate Interns: the graduate interns will be working on a number of research projects dealing with both professional and college athletics. Experience with Excel is preferred.

Law Interns: the law student interns will do legal research on a variety of matters, including legal challenges to the BCS and labor issues in all four major professional sports.

As you can see, I like Excel. In fact, I log almost all my research in Excel. Accordingly, preference will be given to candidates who are experienced with Excel. To show me you know how to use Excel, I’m going to ask you to send an Excel spreadsheet you’ve done as part of the application. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy, I just want to know you can do the basics.

For the two graduate student interns, preference will be given to anyone who can begin working on some projects immediately. I’m in the thick of finishing up both of my books, and I could really use some help right away. I know school is still in session right now, so I’m not looking for you to commit full-time, but I could use a little help sooner rather than later.

In terms of time commitment, I’m looking for students who can dedicate at least 20 hours per week this summer.

I will have instructions for the application up by tomorrow morning at the latest. I will not consider any applications that do not follow the guidelines. I will accept applications for one week or until I get one hundred applications (per internship), whichever comes first.

If you have any questions, please post them here. I’d prefer to answer things here where everyone can see versus getting emails and tweets with questions.

Thank you all for your interest!


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  • Erica
    March 6, 2012

    Would you also accept recent graduates? For example, I will be graduating from law school in May, but I cannot take the bar exam until July and will not get results until September. Would it be possible to do your internship during this time?

    • Kristi Dosh
      March 6, 2012

      Yes, you can apply for the law internship. My personal advice, however, is to spend all your time studying for the bar. I honestly can’t imagine having worked while I was studying for the bar. I’ll leave that up to you though.

  • Kristin
    March 6, 2012

    I’ve looked at the requirements for the application and am very interested in applying. Is it possible to submit a cover letter to supplement the information that is required?

    • Kristi Dosh
      March 6, 2012

      Good question. I added a new field so you can upload it.

  • Jessa Olson
    March 6, 2012

    I read the previous responses but I was wondering if you would except an application from someone who is not a recent graduate. I graduated 2 years ago and have worked in sports in the past. I work part time for a sports marketing firm right now. I want to get back into the sports industry.

    • Kristi Dosh
      March 6, 2012


      Yes, you can apply. Choose whichever position you think you’re best qualified for.

      Thanks for the interest!

  • Makara
    May 20, 2012

    I’m really sad. Last year i got iinvretew with INTEL staff about Internship program in Kulim,Malaysia..shortlisted, but then the he got transfer to another department and then I heard the news that I was rejected because of Intel research grant (i didn’t have any clues what happen). Till now i’m keep waiting and submit my resume at Intel ..any job that related to my areas of expertise..Now i’m waiting for viva on my study & research (Master level) and I hope maybe someday i can work at INTEL.. :-)..keep waiting..wish me luck!