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I am once again looking for an intern, but this time I’m looking for something very specific. I need a marketing/public relations intern as I prepare for the publication of two books next year. I am looking for someone from now until at least this time next year, possibly through December 2013. The internship could be done remotely. (Let face it, if I limited it to the tiny island I live on, I might not get any applications.)

The number one reason I need an intern is because I need someone who knows more than me about marketing and public relations. So, that being said…the application process is going to be a little unique.

Instead of me telling you what I’m looking for, I want you to wow me with your ideas and tell me what you envision for the position. I’m not going to list specific skills I’m looking for other than to say I want someone pursuing a future in marketing or public relations. What I will tell you is a little bit about what I have coming up and why I need someone.

Next year, I have two non-fiction books being published: one on the business of college football and one on Major League Baseball’s collective bargaining agreement. Although each publisher will offer some assistance with marketing, I want to be sure I’m doing everything I can on my end to make these books successful.

For both books, I want to be sure I’ve gotten the word out to everyone who might be interested, particularly educators who might use the books in courses. I’ll need help booking speaking engagements, radio interviews, and I’ll definitely be doing a book tour for the business of college football book. I want a website for each book, but I have no idea how I want to set them up at this point.

There is the possibility of a stipend if this does indeed become a long-term relationship. I’m also willing to cooperate if you want to get school credit.

As I said before, I want someone who can stick with me through at least this time next year, maybe into December 2013. Initially I think it’ll only be a few hours a week, but it will pick up next spring as I get closer to publication.

If you’re interested, please email me your resume and a letter of interest. You should put your letter of interest in the body of the email (please do not attach separately). Your letter of interest should discuss prior experience and include some ideas about how you would help me promote my books. If you have experience with web design or WordPress, please indicate that in your letter and detail your experience. Also include your resume as an attachment. Send all of that here.

The deadline is August 24th.


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  • Corri Wilson
    August 12, 2012

    Great opportunity. Will share this with our students.

  • James Maddox
    September 5, 2012

    Are you still looking for a PR/marketing intern or any intern for that matter? I understand this is about a month old but I figured it can’t hurt to ask. 🙂