Mailbag: How Do I Make Myself More Marketable?

I get quite a few emails from folks looking for advice, so I’ve decided to start publishing more of them (with the person’s permission, of course). Names and potentially identifying details have been changed.

Dear Ms. Dosh,

I am writing specifically about your post taking advantage of opportunities. I am currently in my last semester of an education after-degree at the University of [X]. I hope to use my degree and experience working with kids, to get back into community relations in professional sports. I am currently working as the Community Outreach and Marketing Assistant for my school’s Athletic Department and volunteering for the [professional sports team]. I have also previously worked and interned in community relations for several professional sports teams including the [Apples], [Oranges] and [Bananas].

When I saw your article I thought I would take advantage of your gracious offering to let students ask you questions. I am wondering if you had any suggestions on what I could be doing now to make myself more marketable for a community relations position when I graduate?  Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated!

Also, I noticed that you mentioned [Jane Doe] in one of your blog posts.  She was one of my supervisors when I was attending [University Y] and working as a student volunteer in their athletic’s marketing department from 2006-2009!

Thank you and please let me know if there is ever anything that I can do to help you!

It sounds like you have some great experience, and I’m willing to bet you’ve met a lot of people along the way. Have you kept in touch? If not, there’s no time like the present to open the lines of communication. One of them could be hiring or could know of another organization which is hiring. Tell them what you want. Say you’re getting ready to graduate and want to work in community relations in professional sports. Just put it out there and see what happens. See these posts if you need more motivation: Taking Advantage of OpportunitiesPutting Yourself Out There and A Cover Letter that Became an Instant Classic. 

(And reach out to [Jane] if you don’t keep in touch – not only is she very willing to give advice and lend a helping hand, but she knows SO many people!) 

I’d also use tools like Twitter to meet new people in the industry. Check out some Twitter chats (which I detail in this post) and be sure you’re following folks who work in community relations for professional sports teams (there’s a post on that here). Interact with them if the opportunity arises. 

I recently heard about this career fair the Pacers are having (see info here). Look for career fairs and conferences like this where you can network and even interview for jobs. 

Hope this helps! Best of luck – and let me know how it goes!


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