Placeholder book cover for Balancing BaseballMajor League Baseball is the only major professional sports league in the United States not to lock out its players in the last few years, but things haven’t always been so harmonious between the owners and the players. In fact, MLB players were the first professional sports players to form a union and collectively bargain with ownership in 1968. Since then, there have been eight work stoppages as owners and players fought over free agency, revenue sharing and a number of other issues. Balancing Baseball traces the history of collective bargaining in Major League Baseball, examining how some of the most important clauses came to be in the agreement and how those clauses have transformed over the years.

[toggle title=”Table of Contents”] Chapter 1 – Why the National Game is Above the Law: the court cases that have shaped MLB and its collective bargaining agreement
Chapter 2 – Opening the Flood Gates: the path to free agency
Chapter 3 – Welcome to the Big Leagues: the first-year player draft and issues regarding international talent
Chapter 4 – Sharing the Wealth: how revenue sharing came to be and its many transformations
Chapter 5 – Taxing the Wealthy: the advent of the “luxury tax” and its path to becoming the “competitive balance tax” [/toggle]