My name is Kristi Dosh, and I’m your Mrs. Northeast Florida 2015. I thought the best way to get to know me quickly might be to share 10 fun facts about myself:PQ1A0986

  1. I have an alter ego: the SportsBizMiss (that’s her up there in the pink – adapted from a real photo of me). I branded myself with this moniker when I was first starting out as a sports blogger and it stuck. Now so many people in my industry know me as the “SportsBizMiss” they don’t even know my real name when they meet me in person!
  2. I met my husband after hearing him say on the radio that he never wanted to date a woman who liked sports and tweeting him to give him a hard time about it. As a sports talk radio host, he spent all day talking about sports and wanted to talk about something else when he came home at night. As it turns out, he didn’t really know what he wanted. Not only do we talk about sports, we host a podcast together and often travel together to cover sporting events.
  3. I didn’t go to school to become a sports journalist. I have a law degree and practiced for four years before leaving to go work at ESPN.
  4. I hate lettuce. Don’t tell me it doesn’t have a taste. It does, and I hate it. It’s weird . . . I know.
  5. baby birds
    One of my favorite bird shots I’ve taken – baby wood storks in St. Augustine, FL

    I’ve learned to enjoy birding. My husband loves birding (which, if you don’t know, is going out to look for birds just for the joy of seeing and identifying them), and I wanted to spend time with him, so I discovered I love photographing the birds and bought myself a better camera so I could enjoy it more.

  6. I’m both a Braves and a Red Sox fan. My dad grew up in Atlanta, and the Braves didn’t come to town until he was a little older, so he was a Red Sox fan previous to that and raised my brother and me as fans of both. My brother has now fully converted to the Red Sox despite growing up in Atlanta. I go for the Braves first, Red Sox second, but Fenway is my favorite ballpark.
  7. It took me 31 years to discover the perfect shade of red lipstick for me: MAC’s Russian Red. Ladies, I know you get it. If they ever stop making it, I don’t know what I’ll do.
  8. I’m both a dog and a cat person. My husband is only a cat person. So, we have two cats and one dog. We’d both like a big aquarium, but one of the cats can’t be trusted.
  9. Our youngest cat’s name is Lizzy, because we had our first date at Tin Lizzy’s in Atlanta.
  10. My favorite place in the world is Amelia Island, Florida. My goal was to live here when I retired . . . but we found a way to move here three years ago, and I can’t imagine ever living anywhere else again! (Except if we win one of those HGTV dream homes, then we might have to live somewhere else for the summer, haha.)

Want to learn more about me or my pageant journey? Check out my blog, my platform page and pictures from my appearances.

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