Empowering Female Leaders

I have delivered keynotes on topics ranging from personal branding and social media to business development, legal marketing and the business of sports for more than a decade. My keynotes can be customized to fit any length and any size audience.

Some of my notable engagements have included speaking before the NFL’s Miami Dolphins, the American Association of Universities, the American Advertising Foundation and the Legal Marketing Association.

  • Customized messages

    I will work with you to understand the needs of your audience to tailor my keynote to meet the specific challenges and opportunities your individuals or organization face.

  • Engaging content

    There are no PowerPoint presentations filled with boring bullets and stats. I’m not talking at you. I’m sharing personal anecdotes and case studies in a way that’s engaging and compelling to show your audience what is possible and inspire them to begin implementing as soon as they leave the room.

  • More than inspiration

    It’s one thing to inspire an audience but another to empower them to make change. With specific tools and steps, your audience will walk away knowing exactly what they can start doing today that will impact their tomorrow.

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